Zeebelt Theatre

'What the hell am I doing here'.

Zeebelt, the stage for quirky talent. Since 1984. Aims to create new forms of theatre to come. In particular, based in the visual arts, whether or not in conjunction with other art forms. Such as with theatre, music, film, animation, design, interactive media. Since 1999, I photograph its own productions.

With the annual report of 2010 by graphic designer Koen Geurts and with the photographs of Guus Rijven Zeebelt gets prize after prize. Previously the bronze European Design Award and the prize of Best Designed Annual Report of the Graphic Culture Foundation (Grafische Cultuurstichting), now also the Red Dot Award 2012.

The New York Review of Science Fiction: 'Zeebelt is a major European theater with illustrious reputation'.

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