Angels are messengers (Patrijsplantsoen)
The beard, a sex distinctive body feature (Wenckebachstraat)
Secret weapon at home front (Middenstip)
Inconvenience more than average  (Joubert Park)
The tallest building a Fountain-pen (Prinsessegracht)
Talk of the town (Bocht van Guinee)
Cradle to cradle (Fakona Hof)
Beer in Green Bottles (Zomereik)
Truth is what takes effect (Stationsweg)
Ultimate Dream (Helsinki Hof)
The utmost democratic chair (Vermeer Park)
This afternoon: Swimming lessons (Korte Voorhout)
Escape from City Noise (Blauw Glidkruid)
The Traveller carries a case with Masks (Frederik Hendriklaan)
The sound of the surf (Schimmelweg)
I seldom wear trousers (Weimarstraat)
Changing Seasons (Strandweg)
Neighbours, I don't have neighbours (Erkestein)
We are stardust, we are golden (Zuiderpark)
Nickname: Rain Catcher (Lorentzplein)
Saint Sebastian's Gunner (Koningskade)
Performance and relation (Beeklaan)
Optimistic living (Westlandseplein)
Soccer means War (Kievhof)
The houses not higher than 3  storeys (De C. Rebequeplein)
Pull the whisps from the ends (Gerard Doustraat)
The loss of fugacity (Kaapse Plein)
On the ice everyone is equal (Segbroeklaan)