Who one might run into
On colour
Putting life into motion
Antonio Joaquiem Fernandes - former fishmonger - 31.01.1938
The man who called out
Exercise in maturity
The traveller never walks alone
Hide and seek
Window of life
Importance of side issues
Kelly Claeys - hotelier-adventurer - 06.12.1979
Progress or the higher the water
The weight of tradition
Searching for words
Because of the girls
Emanuel Henriques - lifeguard - 24.12.1971
Inextinguishable flame
A habit that leads to slackness
Anthony back home
Why a horse should be white
Antonio Nunez - city inn manager - 25.01.1966
Parable under the viaduct
A game of leading and teasing
What's sad
Final note
An old tale
Miguel Angel Matias Ledesma - city hall employee - 30.07.1966
The dance with evil knows no fear
The end of the day